Freight Forwarding Services in Hawaii

Looking for a dependable company to handle freight forwarding for your business? At Hitco Moving & Storage, we partner with several freight forwarders in and around Hilo, HI. We’ve been helping our partners provide industry-leading service 1921, guaranteeing timely delivery at affordable rates.

Freight Forwarding Services

Choosing a freight forwarder can truly make or break your business. You need to know you’re working with a partner who can take your product to its destination as planned. As a partner of premier fright forwarders in Hilo, HI, clients choose us time and again because of our long track record of reliability and professionalism. Here’s why we’re different from the competition:


We’ve been in the trucking and logistics business for over 100 years, offering a level of experience very few companies can match. We’ve built relationships with partners for all types of shipping that can handle any type of product, taking it wherever you need to go. Our familiarity with the regulations that guide the type of freight you need to haul, help us and our partners provide hassle-free transportation with every project.


We strive to only include reputable, licensed, and insured businesses among our partners. Together we stand behind our work and provide full coverage for you if any unplanned incidents occur during transport. Our clients often become long-time partners who can attest to our track record of excellence.


We’ve developed a reputation for superior service that dates back more than a century. We’ve made countless connections to ensure shipments arrive on time, no matter where they need to go. Our partners are trustworthy and professional, promising timely delivery you can always rely on.

Let Us Help You Choose a Proven Freight Forwarder

Hitco Moving & Storage is the company you can trust to handle your freight forwarding. Call us today at 808-935-0018 for a free estimate and learn more about how we can put our logistical expertise to work for you and the success of your company.